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Indie Hackers Podcast 201: Ben Orenstein

Published: April 16, 2021, 5:47 p.m.

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Hire a salesperson to handle inefficient sales processes that the founder may not be patient with.

"It took something that like, I hated that the business kind of should have someone doing and like had someone do it who doesn't mind it. And I was like, ah, that was, yeah, there we go. Delegation, that seems to be what this is for."

Hire people who are better at certain tasks and enjoy doing them, allowing the founder to focus on their strengths.

"It's like a win, win, win where it's like, I don't have to do this thing anymore. This thing is getting done and it's getting done by someone that likes it and is good at it."

Be open to learning new skills and improving through one-on-one coaching in various aspects of life.

"Improving at things rapidly causes more dopamine in my brain than almost anything. It's basically my favorite thing."

Be patient and understand that large companies have slower, more complex buying processes.

"It's an extremely inefficient process for large companies to buy, most large companies to buy things. And so I would like try to be like, how do we do this really efficiently?"

Be open to the idea of hiring yourself out of your company and focusing on new challenges or interests.

"I could see doing that. Like I have friends who've run businesses where they eventually hire management teams to run them and they just, you know, advise basically."

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Customer Acquisition

Tuple acquires customers through targeted marketing, word-of-mouth referrals, and a strong online presence focused on the pair programming niche.

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