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Indie Hackers Podcast 208: Jon Yongfook

Published: May 25, 2021, 8:13 p.m.

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Consistency in balancing product development and marketing is crucial for growth.

"I did that for basically like seven months straight. And you can see on the timeline, the 10K MRR timeline, the point where I start doing that, it's just this almost this straight line going up."

Charging more for your product allows you to reach your revenue goals with fewer customers.

"It's better to charge way more and aim for a lower volume of customers, I think, unless you're a marketing god."

Creating remarkable content can help your product gain visibility and shareability.

"The fundamental goal was I want it to look cool because I want people to look at this and then say, oh, I'm not going to read any of this, but this looks really cool. And I want to share it with my friends."

Building an API can simplify your product and expand its use cases.

"It keeps the product simple and it keeps your scope of work simple. You're just the technology provider."

Batching marketing work can help ensure that you consistently dedicate time to promoting your product.

"I did a week of coding and building features and then a week of marketing and a week of coding and a week of marketing."

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Jon Yongfook acquires customers for Bannerbear by creating momentum and a sense of gravity through regular posting on Twitter, maintaining an open startup page, sending a bi-weekly newsletter, and developing flagship content that is remarkable and shareable.

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