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Indie Hackers Podcast 219: Dan Shipper and Nathan Baschez

Published: July 28, 2021, 7:55 p.m.

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Building a strong co-founder relationship is crucial for the success of a company.

"The number one reason why most companies fail is either because the co-founders have some conflict that causes them to just lose trust, lose respect, you know, something like that happens, or it's like this cold war simmering thing where they're just not really kind of rowing in harmony together."

Therapy can be a valuable tool for understanding one's own brain and communication style, as well as improving co-founder relationships.

"We started therapy, Dan, Dan and I started doing couples therapy and it's honestly been the best like investment in our business ever."

Bundling products or services can be a successful strategy if done correctly.

"The magic of bundling is it's basically a form of price discrimination, where you can say, okay, I'm going to average out your demand for like three different products almost."

Unbundling can also be a successful strategy in certain situations.

"There's definitely a lot of places when unbundling makes a lot of sense or just never starting with a bundle in the first place."

Understanding consumer perception is important when implementing a bundling strategy.

"The consumer perception of value can get warped, especially if it's a really long lasting bundle that's been around for a while."

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