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Indie Hackers Podcast 226: James Layfield

Published: Sept. 15, 2021, 3:42 p.m.

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Clear Find



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Entrepreneurs tend to not hear the word 'no' and have a different part of their brain firing when faced with rejection.

"My brain and the brains of entrepreneurs tend to not hear the word no... There's like no chance that this is going to work out, which is fascinating."

True freedom in entrepreneurship comes from using your skills to create maximum leverage and valuing experiences over time spent working.

"The true freedom, and I think the entrepreneurial journey can give you true freedom... True freedom is the ability to use your skills to create maximum leverage."

Being a workaholic doesn't equate to success as an entrepreneur; it's about creating outcomes and leveraging technology for flexibility.

"I thought that being a workaholic equals good... But it wasn't until I started to realize through a number of interventions that I had from either people I was with or people that I met or people that I brought in to sort of support me in my journey that that was just a total nonsense."

Entrepreneurs should be willing to listen and adapt, even if it means changing their initial idea or perception of the market.

"I think entrepreneurs perceive risk differently... But from the outside, their activities look high risk... You can never know if the decisions you made were the right decisions. It's impossible."

Selling is about listening and understanding the customer's pain points, rather than just talking at them with a prepared pitch or demo.

"The most successful sales calls I've ever had are where you say very little and you get them to tell you what's going on in their world... Because for whatever reason, something resonated in something you said, man, and they made time in their diary. And if you're now just willing to listen, they will tell you how to close them."

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Customer Acquisition

Clear Find acquires customers through channel partners, such as one of the world's largest retailers of software and a leading top five consulting firm. This strategy allows them to leverage their partner's brand and sales team to reach more clients and grow their business.

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