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Latent Space The AI Engineer Podcast 9: Mike Conover

Published: April 29, 2023, 1:15 a.m.

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The importance of having anybody be able to build a model, not just those who can obtain the llama weights.

"I think that was our, um, and I had worked with the GPDJ model in the past and knew it to be high quality from a grammatical standpoint. And so I think it was a reasonable choice."

The value of having a full-time responsibility and infrastructure forecasting and optimization experience in building a project like Dolly.

"I've been working in NLP and language understanding for a fair while now... We can introduce skip flag. Is that, if that's a natural set."

The significance of having executives with the fire and vision to confidently lead a company into the future.

"Our executives have the fire and we'll see a bright neon meta future that Databricks will confidently lead the world into."

The potential challenges of open-source projects, such as managing inbound requests and ensuring the project remains useful and not just interesting.

"It's easy to just not be able to handle the inbound... I love getting off trail in the back country and I think that the sort of like radical responsibility associated to that clarifies the mind."

The importance of having a diverse team with great support from leadership, as demonstrated by Matt Hayes' essential contributions to Dolly's success.

"Much of what we open sourced, what, you know, like that, that is a, that is the, it's not the exhaustive stack by any account, but it's, it's some of the core components."

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Customer Acquisition

Dolly acquires customers through its open-source nature and Databricks' reputation in the industry. The project reflects the efforts of a large group of people, including thousands of Databricks employees and a core team with great support from leadership.

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